PSD to HTML Conversion

The PSD to HTML conversion services is quite well known process to create a website with little afford in minimum time frame. This process is not a rocket science, you only need to know a little affort on Photoshop slicing process and basic html and css.

Although you can’t create a full advanced and responsive website with this process, but with this you can easily create your static web pages.

Now If we discuss about the HTML, it would be better to talk about the latest version of it, HTML5. Since the photoshop can only convert your PSD template to HTML, you may need to then manually convert your HTML code to HTML5 format.

If you want a little more stuffs on your web pages as implementing the JAVAScript and Jquery, you may have to go though with these scripts manually.

If you still eager to complete this in well structure and wrapped within the advance script and technology, I advise you to hire some experts to do it. There are lot of low cost designers in India, who can complete it.

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You will have to pay me $25 for each page of PSD, and work will be done within 48 hour of recieving the payment. All payment will be made through paypal.


How to Convert PSD to HTML ?

For those technology seekers, who want to do it by own, I am going to demonstrate the complete process for converting this.

You will need some hands on knowledge of photoshop, html and css

Step I : Open your PSD template in photoshop

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step II : Select the slice tool from toolbar in the leftside

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step III : Drag this slice tool on the object to mark is as independent

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step IV : Go to the file menu and click ‘Save for web & Devices’. The shotcut Key is “CTRL + Shift + Alt + S”

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step V : Click on Save

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step VI : Select file type “HTML & Images”

PSD to HTML Conversion

Step VII : Save

PSD to HTML Conversion

Well done, your webpage has been created now. Go to the path, where you have created your file and open the html page. Your all images will be stores in the images folder

Still didn’t get it? Here is the youtube video tutorial, that will demostrate the entire process.

If you still have any query regarding this or you want the service free, you can drop a comment in the comment box or can contact me via the contact form. I will get back to you